Love, Intimacy Passion, and Desire.

September 18, 2022

Love, intimacy passion, and desire.

The making of an ideal relationship.

Step one, as an individual you need to know yourself. If you do not know who you are, your passions, your desires your dreams, how are you going to bring them to life?

This takes being honest with yourself and seeking outside help if needed. It could be in the form of hiring a professional, a therapist, or a counselor. It could be by starting with watching YouTube self-development videos, or by reading books on self-development.

From there it goes to taking time for yourself, learning to enjoy your time alone, your time with your creative thoughts, and getting into meditation, learning to breathe. Allowing yourself to get into your flow state. You don’t always have to be working in order to accomplish.

Remember to love yourself.

Step two, in a relationship, an intimate partnership, a marriage? If step one you need to know yourself, step two you need to know your partner, their dreams, their desires, their vision, and their passions. It’s taking time out of your head and getting into their head, listening, accepting, and loving them for who they are.

If their dreams are different than yours, how can you help them fulfill their dreams? Maybe, for a start, you just need to help your partner by allowing them and supporting them through their step one.

Step three, are you now on the same page? You’ve worked on yourselves as individuals, and you’ve delved into each other’s dreams. Can you combine your dreams and vision into one?

Step 4. Do you have children? You also want them to succeed, don’t you? Or maybe having children is something in your future. Are you preparing now to give them a good start in life?

The days of the man of the house going out getting a job bringing home the bacon and freshly baked bread lovingly made by hand by a loving wife with flour on her face and open arms waiting for you are now a thing of the past. Along with the telephone attached to the wall in the kitchen and a 3-foot coiled chord and if you are lucky a wooden chair under the phone.

Today a home office or even two is not out of the question, computers, webcams, zoom meetings, and cellular phones for everyone in the house.

If you find yourself close to this and wonder what is down the road, I might be able to help you a little bit.

I believe it’s up to us as adults to work on ourselves, help our partners, and also set up a legacy for our descendants.

In those good old days, we would save up a down payment for a home, work to pay it off before retirement, and then enjoy retirement living off our 401k, retirement funds, or investments. Thank you stock market!

Now, why buy the house in our name? Why not, start and incorporate a business and have the business invest then have our children take over the business when they are ready and not worry about dividing up everything upon our passing and leaving cash as an inheritance?

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